I have been practising yoga for fifteen years. I began classes as I was looking for a way to feel calmer and happier in my life. Yoga has given me a set of tools and a framework for living that has had a powerful and transformative affect on my life.

In 2015 I decided to deepen my understanding of yoga further and undertook a two year teacher training course (260 hour), recognised by the Independent Yoga Network of which I am a member. This is the style called the New Yoga Will, as developed by Heinz Grill and taught by Karen Patterson at Yoga in Somerset. This is an enlivening, connecting and rejuvenating style that supports us to work clearly with our thinking, feeling and will power.

More recently, I have completed teacher training in the style of restorative yoga with Barefoot Body training. This is a deeply nurturing, relaxing and meditative style where there are long holds and the use of props to support the body.

My first career was as a social worker, having completed a degree in Psychology and post graduate training in Social Work. I supported people and managed projects for people with various needs including learning difficulties, older people, those in recovery from problematic drug/alcohol use, and those experiencing emotional distress/ mental health issues.

In 2006 I took the decision to take better care of my own mental health and retrained to become a gardener. I worked as a head gardener for ten years before becoming involved in training and apprenticeships. I currently work at a further education college in there area of land based apprenticeships.  I am involved in my local ‘in bloom’ group and I co-founded Seed of Hope, a horticultural project supporting people with mental health problems in their recovery. I have a particular interest and passion in supporting people who experience intense distress,  giving them practical coping tools for dealing with difficult emotions and situations.

I have a passion for promoting better mental and physical health, something which many of us need in this fast paced modern world. Many people spend a lot of time indoors and feel stuck in patterns of thinking, behaving and moving their bodies that don’t bring them happiness or satisfaction in life.

I believe that it is beneficial for modern people to regain a sense of connection with the physical world and the communities of people around them. I support people through yoga to gain an awareness and relationship with their bodies, regaining a sense of comfort and ease with themselves. We cultivate experiencess of spaciousness, freedom, openness and joy, as well as strength and flexibility in our bodies and mind. Integral to this is supporting people to develop their ability to let go of thinking that is not helpful anymore, and be able to clearly choose and hold onto thoughts and courses of action that are more in line with natural principles and how they would like their lives to be. Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to experience and practice these skills. I see myself as someone who is still learning and in my classes I am merely a facilitator of this process.

Oh yes one more thing, my name is Jayne and I am pleased to meet you!