Thanks for this lovely feedback!

I really enjoy it and its helped me to control my breathing in times of anxiety using techniques Jayne has taught us.

Caragh aged 14 – using yoga as the exercise element of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, she has enjoyed it so much she intends to carry on beyond the scope of the award scheme.

However tired I feel before yoga with Jayne, I always leave feeling energised and refreshed. Jayne is fantastic at working on areas that hold tension, she teaches us to let go and relax. Yoga with Jayne is gentle but powerful, a weekly reminder we need to be kinder to ourselves. The breathing techniques that Jayne teaches us are so useful in everyday life to help control anxiety and stress, it is amazing how the aches and pains can dissipate after yoga. I had to give up yoga five years ago because I mistakenly thought it was not helping my back problems. Jayne has taught me I am still able to enjoy yoga and strengthen my whole body at the same time.

Deb from Spaxton

Thank you so much for teaching me yoga. I have been using what you have taught me. I am very impressed with the way you hold your sessions , as you give us time to feel and be at one with our selves and nature, really feeling the grass under our feet. You are very mindful that not all of us are as able. You give us encouragement and show us that it’s ok if we can’t touch our toes. This has helped greatly in myself enjoying yoga class with you , and given me not only the opportunity but the encouragement that I can do yoga, something I thought with my condition I would never be able too do . I will be using what you have taught me and very much looking forward to our next lessons. It is very great thanks to you I now feel less disabled and definitely more able.

Fay from Cannington